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The supply chain needs safety & security  now more than ever...

MAGTEC has been providing unique anti-hijacking and security solutions to high value and hazmat carriers for over 25 years without a theft.  Our customers have driven hundreds of millions of miles on our proven technology ensuring that their cargo arrives at the destination. 

The American Trucking Association's Technology and Maintenance Council developed their RP1218 - Guidelines for Remote Vehicle Disabling based on our  patented Acceleration Control System (ACS). This technology has been vetted by the Department of Transportation's Volpe Institute, Department of Homeland Security, and the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration.

SafeSpeed is the latest generation of this advanced technology which incorporates active speed limiting that dynamically changes to the posted speed limit on which ever road you're driving on. 

Whether you are in the business of transporting passengers or delivering goods, SafeSpeed helps solve every fleets biggest challenge - speeding.